Committee Members

Please direct all communications to the Centre's Secretary and President.

Nadine Robinson
Iain Finlayson
Vice President
Ian Walles
Malcom Huddle
Julian Coleman
Minutes Secretary
Melanie Cotta
Competition Manager
Sharon McCulloch
Chief of Officials
Lance Kamau
FLAC Team Manager
Lindsey Barrett
Coaching Coordinator
Ian Walles
Relays Coordinator
Danielle Adam
On-Track Coordinator
Chelsea Wells
Age Group Managers Coordinator
Nadine Robinson
Cross Country Coordinator
Ian Walles
Equipment Manager
Rob Taylor
Results Manager
Marion Sparkes
IT/Technical Manager
Ian Walles
Website Manager
Suanne Waugh
Canteen Manager
Chelsea Hale
Handbook/Publicity Coordinator
Steve Robinson
Sponsorship & Grants Coordinator
Suanne Waugh
Jasmine Farrar
Juanita Spinelli
Arena Manager/Announcer
Malcom Huddle

General Committee
Suzie Mackay
Dan Philips
Hilary Mills
Lisa Meddings
Donna Corbett
Mandy McDonald

 FLAC Committee Positions - Descriptions