FLAC Extreme Weather Policy

The guidlenes have been developed to assist organisers, coaches and officials decide whether an event or training should be modified or cancelled and when it is safe to compete in the heat.

The decision to cancel a centre level event is the reposibility of the relevant members of the FLAC committee. Parents should always consider the health and safety of their children and themselves when deciding whether to attend events.

It is the responsiblity of event organisers, FLAC personnel, coaches, parents, guardians and other relevant individuals to read and understand the LAVic Extreme Weather Policy.

The following build on this policy by providing more specific details relating to the safety of running an event.

1. Sports Medicine Australia - Hot Weather Guidelines

These guidelines can be found at the Sports Medicine Australia Website.

Beat the Heat

Hot Weather Guidelines

2. EPA Air Quality


If the air quality is Moderate or better we will continue the event. If the air quality is Poor or worse we will cancel the event. Air quality notices will also be reviewed for alerts.

Timing of Cancellation

The decision to cancel an event will be take no more than two hours before the commencement of the event and no less than one hour beforehand. Members will be notified via social media. In exceptional circumstances an event may be cancelled closer to the start time or after the event has commenced, where safety may be compromised if the event were to continue.