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As an entirely volunteer-run organisation, we need to share the weekly tasks to ensure our Centre runs smoothly.

Each family is required to sign up and perform TWO of the duties listed below per season. We reserve the right to vary the start/finish times and/or location of your duty.

In addition to the duties that you sign up for below, parents are asked to help their child's Age Group Manager with the running of events when needed (measuring, raking pits, etc.) when asked. This does not substitute completion of two of the duties listed below.

Age group managers, assistant age group managers, FLAC Committee members and parents who perform regular weekly duties (timing, starting, etc.) are not required to sign up here.

Please note that it is a condition of your child's registration for the season that you sign up and perform your duty, or arrange to swap with someone (swaps can be done online through this system).

If you sign up for a duty and do not complete it on the day, this will be considered an incomplete duty (and is also quite inconsiderate to people who do actually contribute to their children's sport). 

There will be a sheet to sign-off that you have completed your duty in the pavilion at the conclusion of competition.

Your athletes will not be eligible for weekly competition points or any end of season trophies if you do not sign up and perform your duty.

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