Duty Requirements

Parental participation is essential for any Little Athletics Centre to run successfully. Each week about 80 parent volunteers are required to run the centre and programs. Without your assistance, it is impossible for the Centre to run efficiently.

Why should you do duty?


This is a great article on the sometimes unseen benefits of volunteering and how you can model the values that you want to see in your kids. Fear of the unknown can hold us back from joining in but feel reasurred that there are lots of people here at FLAC who will support and help you.

Volunteering also gives you the opportunity to try out new skills. You might be interested in leadership or governance but currently are unable to explore. Performing these kinds of roles at a volunteer level gives you an opportunity to try them out and to master them. And they look great on your CV!

Types of Duty

Operational roles are broken into two levels:

  • Event support roles (duties) – these are weekly duties and are completed during a single event, duties such as AGM assistant, BBQ or Canteen, or Timing Assistant. Families need to complete six of these duties per season. Duties are recorded on SignupGenius or a signup sheet. Raising the heights of the hurdles or ad-hoc assistance at events are not considered duties.
  • Core support roles – generally involving a commitment which spans the entire season, such as Starting, Managing Equipment or acting as an Age Group Manager. Families that complete a significant role are not required to complete any other duties.

Event Support Roles

These are duties that you sign up for through SignUp Genius or on the Duty Sign Up sheet that can be found under the window outside the pavillon. We keep track of duties performed so it is important that you let the Duty Manager know that you have completed a duty so that they can mark you off. Families choosing to help out this way must complete at least 6 duties for the season. Training and assistance will be provided where required. Duties are-

  • Age Group Manager assistant
  • BBQ helper
  • Canteen helper
  • Timing helper
  • Equipment set up
  • Equipment pack up

Core Support Roles

These are roles that you would perform for the entire season, usually from October to March. Training and assistance will be provided where required. These are the roles that are needed "on field" each week-

  • Registrar
  • Officials Co-ordinator
  • Track & Field Co-ordinator
  • Cross Country Co-ordinator (required in the winter season April to August)
  • Equipment Manager
  • Results & Records Manager
  • Timing Manager
  • Canteen Manager
  • BBQ Manager
  • Arena Manager
  • Photographer
  • Timing Team(a team of 3 - 12)
  • Starting Team(a team of 3 - 12)
  • Age Group Managers

There are also roles that you can perform "off field". These roles are ideal for people with very young children or who have other commitments which make doing weekly event support duties difficult. Training and assistance will be provided where required.

  • Duty Manager
  • Sponsorship & Grants Co-ordinator
  • Social Media Manager
  • Uniform & Merchandise Co-ordinator
  • Trophy Co-ordinator
  • Coaching Co-ordinator

These teams have been introduced to share roles amongst a group of people to make them easier to perform. Training and assistance will be provided where required.

  • Social Activities Team (a team of 3 people)
  • Region & State Event Team (a team of 3 people)

Position descriptions for each role can be found here.

Please also note due to OHS children are not permitted into the Canteen or behind the BBQ while you are completing a duty. Children who are not competing are also not allowed onto the arena while you are completing a duty.

As a reminder, performing duties is a requirement of membership and failure to attend to a duty may result in your child being unable to compete or may render your child ineligible for points and end of season participation awards.

We look forward to your participation and assistance in ensuring that all our children are able to compete every meet and that all parents get a chance to watch their children compete.