Duty Requirements






Parents are an integral part of Little Athletics, without your help we cannot run.

Parental participation is essential for any Little Athletics Centre to run successfully. Each week about 60 parent volunteers are required to run the centre and programs. Without your assistance, it will be increasingly hard for the Centre to run efficiently.

Types of Duty

There are two types of duty required at Frankston Little Athletics; assisting your child's Age Group Manager (AGM) officiating/running field events and General Duty.

Assisting your child's Age Group Manager (AGM)

Each week your child's AGM will require assistance from parent volunteers to ensure field events (jumps and throws) are completed efficiently. This may involve measuring jumps/throws, raking the jump pit, adjusting the high jump bar, collecting the shot/discus/javelin etc. These tasks do not require special knowledge and your child's AGM will be able to assist new parents.

The system FLAC uses for field event duties means parents are able to spend more time following their child/children around the arena instead of doing duty at events their child may not be participating in. We've found this is a very popular model and well received by both parents and children - children really enjoy having their parents involved in their events.

The more volunteers, the more efficiently and quickly the day will run, so please offer assistance to your child's AGM whenever possible.

General Duties

General duties are fulfilled by a rotating roster of Age Groups. The duties your age groups will be rostered for will include:

  • SET UP (helping to set up for the day ... overseen by FLAC’s Equipment Manager)

  • BBQ (Cooking & serving)

  • CANTEEN (Serving & selling BBQ tickets)

  • PACK UP (Putting away all equipment & tents at the end of competition ... overseen by FLAC’s Equipment Manager).  

    The more people that help the quicker and easier your duties will be. For example, with BBQ duty it is better to have more people share the duty in 2 or more shifts than less people who have to be at BBQ for the whole morning.

The Duty Sign On Sheet can be found outside the pavillon, you can sign on for duty on a day that best suits you and your family.  An email will be sent out in advance asking for your assistance if roles are not filled, if still not filled you will be allocated a task.  Duty Rosters will be published on the facebook site, on team app and on the website on a weekly basis.

Over the season you will be required to do a minimum of 2 full duties per child (excluding regional and state events) and this quantity will be confirmed once we have final and more accurate registration numbers.

Specialised Duty

Permanent volunteers are required for the following roles on a rotational basis (the amount of which will be determined after we have volunteers)

  • Data Input; Assisting our Data Manager, Marion input field results into computer

  • Back Straight Timer (Training will be provided)

    If you volunteer for the 2 roles above, you will be exempt from all other duties.

Please also note due to OHS children are not permitted into the Canteen or behind the BBQ while you are completing a duty. Children who are not competing are also not allowed onto the arena while you are completing a duty.

As a reminder of FLAC’s Duty Policy, performing duties is compulsory and failure to attend to a duty may result in your child being unable to compete or may render your child ineligible for points and end of season participation awards.

We look forward to your participation and assistance in ensuring that our children are able to compete every Saturday.